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sethnintendo said:
HylianSwordsman said:

Huh, well in that case, I don't get how Sega allowed them to make it. Did they sue? Or was this something Sega licensed? Because if they did it with Sega's permission, that was pretty dumb on Sega's part. Trusting some nobody company from China to work with your prized IPs? Sega was nuts to do that. It certainly damaged the brand a bit, at least in my mind, in that it made me not trust this new effort at first.

Yea not sure why but they allowed atgames to tarnish their reputation.  Atgames finally made one with hdmi and not just av cables but it still wasn't perfect emulation.  I believe they still sell them at walmart but I'll never buy anything from atgames again.  I ended up just giving mine away.  So yea they made mistake licensing it out because now some of public might assume the new one will be just as bad as the atgames machines.

I've definitely seen them at a few stores from time to time like Walmart. Still though, what we have here with this latest mini console feels like a pretty good collection of games, so if it works as well as M2's reputation suggests it should, I'll probably get it. It looks like Sega is taking the product seriously this time.