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HylianSwordsman said:
COKTOE said:
I just found out about this game yesterday, here, on VGC, from a CGI post, in a thread that I can't remember. Then Jim Sterling referenced it in his Rage 2 Jimpressions. Color me interested.

Dunno if you saw it, but Jim has since done a Jimpressions video for A Plague Tale. He fucking loves the game, and the way he talks about it has gotten me interested too. Looks like the sort of midtier, not quite AAA, but still decidedly not indie title that we used to get all the time back in the day but don't really anymore, the kind that added tons of hidden gems to old console's libraries and is sorely missing now.

That is a good description of the game but I'd give it more credit than mid tier honestly, it is really nippin at the heels of AAA in many ways. Hell, many or most AAA games feel like AA games these days in comparison to this now that I think about it. This is finished and polished, something a lot of AAA games can't seem to get right. 

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