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super_etecoon said:
Amnesia said:
My global sales estimation before the Direct : 9-10M
After the direct : 12-14M

Yep.  There's no denying that this Direct was PR Gold.  Maybe we're all just starved for a major Nintendo release, but that Direct had great pacing and just kept hitting us with revelation after revelation, and judging by the analysis videos on YouTube they barely scratched the surface.  I just keep thinking, too, that this would have really helped their E3 presentation, even if they made it a sizzle reel and shortened it to 3-4 minutes.  They must really want to devote time to other titles that they feel will be as mesmerizing.  That means they've got a whole lot more to share than Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem.  Or maybe they just didn't want Super Mario Maker 2 to overshadow what they have to share.

I still have hope that the missing blank mode on the right of the "super mario 3D world" could be for super mario 64.

Is it unrealistic to hope this when we see what is possible today with Minecraft  and dragon quest builder ?

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