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linkink said:
thismeintiel said:
Switch holding strong. PS4 is down a little more than I expected, but it's understandable when it's still $300 and we are past the 5 year mark. It really needs to hit $249 permanently, probably throw in a game for good measure. The XBO is just basically past the point of no return. It's already seen numerous bundles that effectively make the console $199. There's really not much more they can do to actually boost sales. And selling a console that doesn't come with a disc drive for more than the one that does come with one (a 4K drive at that) ain't it.

LOL you mean paying more for less is not a good strategy? 

Surprising, I know.

Nuvendil said:
RolStoppable said:
Switch numbers are okay. Neither the comparison to Switch's last April nor the direct comparison to the PS4 and XB1 this April should be used to declare the numbers great, because the bar is low in either case.

A bit perplexing that seemingly both Sony and Microsoft are targeting a late 2020 launch for their next consoles. Software releases in 2019 have hardly moved the needle on hardware sales anymore and a variety of promotions in the past will lessen the impact of an official price drop in the future. 2020 won't be looking good for them when 2019 already turns into a crawl.

Sony actually has a lot of potential ammo left in the deals and price cut realm.  Won't get them back to 2018 levels but can stabilize late 2019 and pre-PS5 2020.  Microsoft though is totally screwed

Agreed.  We've seen how a $199 PS4 flies off shelves during BF week.  I imagine they'll only drop to $249 this year, but have a $179 bundle for BF, saving the permanent $199 for when the PS5 launches, with a $149 BF deal.  Like you said, nothing will get them to the heights of 2018, again, but it will slow the drops drastically.