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FIRST time I was blown away was with Wolfenstein 3D.

Next after that was Mario 64, then Ocarina of Time, then Goldeneye 007. I was amazed at how you could recognize the character models as the actual actors/characters. So much detail!

I don't remember anything in particular blowing me away for a long time after that. I feel like my expectations became awfully high for a while.

Next that I remember, I played The Last of Us and was actually quite disappointed in its visuals - thoroughly unimpressed. It was hailed as very advanced and I felt that it did not live up to the hype at all. A week after TLoU, I picked up Tomb Raider and THAT blew me away. Its sequel didn't impress me, though. Looked a bit better, yeah, but at the cost of a LOT of bugs and that detracted from it, visually, for me a lot.

I agree entirely with the sentiment about the various Switch games. Of course they're not as high quality as their PS4/Xbone counterparts, but for what's expected vs what you're actually getting, there's no reason you shouldn't be impressed.

I haven't played anything on PS4 or Xbone really, and my PC is aging, getting fairly outdated, so it's been a while since I've played anything particularly groundbreaking.