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The news, second edition:

World of Warcraft is bringing back Thrall
World of Warcraft's Horde has a bit of a management problem. Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen and current Warchief, has been a bit out of sorts, committing atrocities and generally worrying everyone. Now, both players and characters are clamouring for new leadership. And they might just get what they want, because Thrall's coming back. Check out the new cinematic above.

CrossCode's 1.1 update gives you critter companions
Retro sci-fi RPG CrossCode has been bolstered by a big update today, chucking in new quests, S-rank battles, an arena and, more important than any of that, loyal pets who will follow you around on your adventures. CrossCode's already a huge game—and pretty great—but there's always room for pooches.

Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2's hedonistic Toreador clan has been revealed
Following the Brujah and Tremere, the latest Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2 clan is Toreador, all silk shirts, wine and sexy parties. They're the hotties of the undead world, seducing mortals and probably going to lots of exclusive clubs. Watch one of them enjoying a snack in the trailer above.

Satisfactory's first update delivers conveyor lifts, new research options, and a gun
Coffee Stain Studios has released the first major update for its co-op sci-fi factory building sim Satisfactory, with enhancements and additions including conveyor lifts that greatly simplify the process of moving stuff from down to up (and vice versa) and new Quartz and Sulfur research chains and milestones that enable new exploration and equipment options.

Epic Games earns a BAFTA Special Award for its 'huge contribution' to the industry
BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, will honor Epic Games with a Special Award recognizing its growth from its founding in 1991 to "world-renowned industry leader and innovator." Epic is responsible for games including the Gears of War series and Fortnite, and also the massively popular Unreal Engine that's powered some of the biggest games of the past two decades.

Kill monsters and steal their powers in this shapeshifting Metroidvania
Mable and the Wood's titular adventurer has been resurrected by a cult and tasked with murdering her way through a world infested by monsters in an attempt to save it. There's just one pretty significant problem: Mable can't even carry her big, magical sword. That's where the monsters can unwittingly lend a hand.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection hits Steam today
Konami's resurrection of classic Castlevania games is poised to hit Steam today, though there's still no page for it yet. The eight games are drawn from the earliest adventures, starting with the original Castlevania and going up to Bloodlines. Give your memory a refresh with the trailer.

Great Artists Steal is a hand-drawn platformer full of masterpieces
Great Artists Steal is a hand-drawn platformer with stages full of reproductions of famous paintings, all of them created by Glasgow-based artist SCR1BBLE. As a tiny thief—a human-shaped doodle—you'll have to leap from frame to frame, avoiding inky enemies and loose paintings, all in an effort to nab a masterpiece.

Total War: Three Kingdoms' launch trailer is all about the power of friendship
Total War: Three Kingdoms might be a colossal strategy game about fighting over China and determining the fate of thousands of warriors, but it's also about making pals. You've gotta find yourself some heroic buddies to watch your back and people to support you. Watch the Lui Bei launch trailer and learn all about the power of friendship.

Rocket Arena is a free to play 3v3 FPS where no one ever dies
Rocket Arena is a 3v3 FPS from Final Strike Games, and a closed beta on PC kicks off on May 23 and lasts until May 29 (sign up here). The beta will feature six heroes with different weapons and abilities, and there are several different game modes, all with quick, frantic, five minute rounds.

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