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deskpro2k3 said:

Red Dead Redemption 2 map is around 29 square miles. The first trailer for FF7R remake said that Junon is 133 miles from Midgar, it says Kalm is 51 miles. From Marlene's window, she can see Midgar on the horizon.. Also, Midgar is a large city, once you escape Midgar you have an entire world and continents to explore with different modes of fast transport like the different colored Chocobos, Airship, The Buggy, The Tiny Bronco etc. I'm starting to question if you played the game and watched the movie..

Wait... Are you saying that Square Enix is going to convert Midgar, Kalm, and all the other areas into a fully explorable sandbox/open world design?

What on planet Earth ever gave you the impression that they are going that route? That's a ludicrous expectation... Are you high on your farts?

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