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The Fury said:
deskpro2k3 said:

I'm not going to address everything you just said there, but have you ever seen or played Star Citizen? the planet is huge, space is big yada yada etc..

From orbit to landing in 7mins.


FYI: Let me remind you, we have many forms of fast transport in FF7, even submarines. What do you expect FF7 world map to look like? you want them to not add more content in the open world? Fun fact, we also go into space in FF7. 

I expect it to be a world map. You know "Remake". If they make this world map detailed and you run around it like then fine but I don't expect to be running for 51 miles in a straight line just to get to Kalm, I can't think of anything more insignificant in the game than the journey between Midgar and Kalm. If you want that area expanded, fine but why?

We went into space in FF7 the first time, I expect nothing less from them to go into space again, it's part of the game and story. 

How's Star Citizen btw? Are you having fun playing it? I'm so glad it's finally fully released and all their promises have been kept.

Whats with this sneaky line when you know full well its still in development?. However ill answer this question anyway for deskpro. Yes i have had a lot of fun with star citizen so far, the planet they added is huge, as big as many single player game maps and to think its only 1 planet with another massive one to drop soon. For my 10 euro ive had over 30 hours of fun. can you name many games for that value and playtime?.