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The Fury said:
deskpro2k3 said:

Red Dead Redemption 2 map is around 29 square miles. The first trailer for FF7R remake said that Junon is 133 miles from Midgar, it says Kalm is 51 miles. From Marlene's window, she can see Midgar on the horizon.. Also, Midgar is a large city, once you escape Midgar you have an entire world and continents to explore. I'm starting to question if you played the game and watched the movie..

And don't you worry about what I'm aware of. I'm the only one providing you proof and debunking your opinions with hard facts.

A 51 mile distance from Midgar to Kalm is postential 2601 mile square world area, in just that small section, making it one of the biggest game maps ever. You know what you did in the original between Midgar and Kalm? Ran in a straight line for maybe 30 seconds and may have had a random battle, may have. How padded do you think they are going to make this game if they have to do a huge empty map of nothing just to waste time going from A-B. The world map in FF7 existed for a reason, because the world outside of specific locations wasn't important and is there to get from A-B. 

I can understand what you mean by how their scope is bigger than the original game. Area's from the original game more detailed, Midgar more explorable etc is all they need. I mean, from Aerith's house to the market place was a total of 5 fixed CGI screens, so flesh it out, that's cool. I can fully understand the market being bustling with many characters to talk to. But not make a section of the map that no one cared about fully explorable just to waste our time. This is a huge waste of time and resources for them to do.

I know what you are saying but you have to admit what Kitase said was entirely PR spiel to justify why they are cutting FF7 into 3 parts and potentially sell them at £60 a piece.

I'm not going to address everything, but I want to give an example. Star Citizen, the planets are huge, space is big yada yada etc..

From orbit to landing in 7mins.


FYI: Let me remind people, we have many forms of fast transport in FF7, even submarines. What do you expect FF7 world map to look like? SE have the opportunity to add more content in the open world. Fun fact, we also go into space in FF7, and Kitase said they want to add more sky content in the remake.

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