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@Ryuu96 and a few others, requested a new feature to allow for shortcut "jumps" through especially long threads - this functionality is now available, and it is pretty straight-forward in order to use:

 - the only people who will be able to create shortcuts in threads are: Moderators, SiteAdmin, and the original author of the thread

 - Moderators, SiteAdmin, and the original author will see a new Create Shortcut button towards the bottom of each post (next to the Edit, Reply, etc.).

 - Clicking on Create Shortcut will open a text field in order to enter a Title for the shortcut - this is the description that other users will see, when looking at the shortcut list

 - Once you've submitted the shortcut, a drop-down box will appear at the top of each thread page (next to the "Subscribe to Thread" link).

 - Users will then be able to hit the drop-down, select the shortcut they're interested in, and be brought directly to that post.

 - Moderators, SiteAdmin, and the original author can also delete shortcuts at any time (the Create Shortcut button, will change to Delete Shortcut allowing for the removal of any shortcut).

You know the drill - any problems, suggestions, or comments - bang 'em here!!