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TranceformerFX said:

Nothing you said, or statements you provided on behalf of Kitase refuted what I said.

Then this is pointless, if hard facts don't mean anything to you then this is over right now, but first read below.

TranceformerFX said:

"If you can show me where he is lying I'll take it all back."

I did, twice. 

You didn't, and not once in your entire rambling of a tantrum did you prove Kitase is lying in any of his statements about FFVIIR. Your opinions and speculations is not proof, but if you can show me proof I'll take it back.

TranceformerFX said:

What? FF7 Remake a bigger project? A lot bigger than Read Dead 2?... You do realize that Red Dead 2 is literally THE BIGGEST game in terms of map sizes, content, game design, replayability and presentation right? Nobody has quantified the amount of hours that it would take to do everything in Red Dead 2, but its a bigger game than Fallout 4 and it takes a ballpark of 400 hours to do everything in that game - excluding DLC. Your assumption that FF7R, with all three episodes in mind, will be bigger than even Fallout 4 is...most likely NOT going to be the case..."

Red Dead Redemption 2 map is around 29 square miles. The first trailer for FF7R remake said that Junon is 133 miles from Midgar, it says Kalm is 51 miles. From Marlene's window, she can see Midgar on the horizon.. Also, Midgar is a large city, once you escape Midgar you have an entire world and continents to explore with different modes of fast transport like the different colored Chocobos, Airship, The Buggy, The Tiny Bronco etc. I'm starting to question if you played the game and watched the movie..

And don't you worry about what I'm aware of. I'm the only one providing you proof and debunking your opinions with hard facts.

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