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By the way, for those who say stuff like "Dany saw that she's not loved like Jon". She already has Dorne, the Iron Island and Highgarden for herself, no related to Jon. The North and the Vale too, through Sansa (this one related to Jon. By killing Cersei, she gets Casterly Rock through Tyrion (and they hate the Starks), and obviously King's Landing (who also think Starks are traitors). It would have been over, everyone would follow her almost without issue.

Outside of the North, nobody knows who Jon is and nobody cares about him, Targaryen or not. He might have a better claim, but he doesn't have their love at all. Dany went "Nobody loves me, they love you" after spending time with the family and best friends of Jon. Seriously.

"OMG, your sisters loves you more than me, I should burn thousands of unrelated innocent people, that will teach them". Worse writing ever.