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Nuvendil said:
PAOerfulone said:
The Warriors looked like the 2015-2016 Warriors that won their first championship without Kevin Durant and won 73 games in the regular season.
Splash Bros., role players stepping up, lots of ball movement, passing, and play-making, and guys stepping up on defense. Just cruised to a comfortable 22 point win.

Pardon?  The 2014-2015 Warriors won a championship.  Against a crippled opponent. The 2015-16 Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

And what hurt Curry's MVP chances in the 2015 finals was consistency.  He had some sour performances at key moments.  And Iguodala's defense on Lebron was big since Lebron was basically carrying the whole Cavs team.

I meant "2015-2016" as in those two seasons where the Warriors were the top team even without Durant. 2015 being when they won their first championship with him. 2016 being win the won 73 games in the regular season. 
Poor phrasing and choice of words on my part. That's my bad.

But if you're going to use the injury excuse for the Cavs in 2015, then why don't you also use it for the Warriors in 2016? They lost Bogut for Games 5, 6, and 7, which weakened their defense considerably. He was their rim protector and anchor. Without him, the paint was wide open for LeBron and Kyrie to attack over and over again. Plus, the pre-existing injuries to Iguodala and Steph. 

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