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Hiku said:
Scoobes said:

Depends on how you define innocent, enemy or traitor. If we look back to Essos for instance, after the siege of Meereen she indiscriminately and randomly picks 160+ of the Masters to be crucified. We justify it because they were slavers and because it's presented as a liberation with the brutality of the slaver children fresh in our minds beforehand. But as we see in later episodes some of the Masters treated their slaves well and would not have been involved in those actions, but to her, it's black and white.

Given her narcissism which has been on display for many seasons now, who she's see's as an enemy is also fluid and especially as her most trusted advisors (who typically calm her more ruthless side) are now dead I really don't see this dark side of her as a particularly rapid turn of events. 

Yeah, but for slave owners I think they made her views on them pretty clear. Even someone who treats their slaves well are still robbing them of their freedom. It wasn't just the mistreatment of slaves she was against, but the whole system.

This was illustrated when she didn't mistreat the unsullied either, but still left the choice to them if they wanted to follow her or not.

Slave owners are a pretty far cry from babies.

They were people people living their lives. Again, it's a matter of perspective and we only ever see hers, and as an audience are far more sympathetic because slavery is so abhorrent in the 21st Century, but this is a time and land where slaves are the norm. She's imposing her will and rapidly casting judgement. And as I said a few posts up, when she passes judgement, she loses all empathy for that person. She never displays guilt or remorse, even when she tells Sam about his family.

Her freeing the slaves and unsullied also comes from two aspects of her personality. The first is genuine empathy having effectively been a slave herself in the first season. But the second is that it feeds her narcissism. She is their savior. She doesn't get that in Westeros. In fact, she has a propaganda war raged against her and even after the pivotal role she played in the battle with the Night King, she's still seen as the foreigner. With the loss of her allies and closest friends and advisors, she no longer has anyone to feed the narcissist in her and snaps.