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Hiku said:
KiigelHeart said:

One of the better episodes of the season. I have no idea why people think Dany's snapping was too sudden. It's been hinted and her character developed to it for many seasons.

Not that she would kill innocent people.
She had killed enemies, and traitors who refused to yield. There's a long way between that and focusing on melting innocent women and children while giving Cercei (the real enemy) time to escape. 

Foreshadowing is not the same as having a proper and satisfying conclusion.

Depends on how you define innocent, enemy or traitor. If we look back to Essos for instance, after the siege of Meereen she indiscriminately and randomly picks 160+ of the Masters to be crucified. We justify it because they were slavers and because it's presented as a liberation with the brutality of the slaver children fresh in our minds beforehand. But as we see in later episodes some of the Masters treated their slaves well and would not have been involved in those actions, but to her, it's black and white.

Given her narcissism which has been on display for many seasons now, who she's see's as an enemy is also fluid and especially as her most trusted advisors (who typically calm her more ruthless side) are now dead I really don't see this dark side of her as a particularly rapid turn of events.