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Congrats to Switch for surpassing the PS4 at a relatively short period of time.

I know people will use the "handheld" aspect as an excuse of why the Switch has been selling so well..But I do wonder..do people take the pricing into consideration? The Switch, whether you want to debate that it is a handheld or not, is priced more closely to a home console than a usual handheld. Even during this generation, the 3DS and the Vita were struggling selling at $250 (Vita even had a $300 3G model). Then you got Switch games (especially the first party games) that are releasing at $50-60, which are home console game prices, and are selling at incredible rates in Japan, let alone the rest of the world. Not to mention the accessories, extra Joy-Cons, and Pro Controller.

Probably just me thinking...I think the "handheld" excuse for Japan is a bit overexaggerated. Not to say its a factor, but the pricing of the Switch does not align with the usual handhelds (especially the ones that have sold well over the many generations).