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If a copyrighted work cannot be legally obtained in your country for whatever reason, then I can see the point in piracy. Maybe the work in question has been out of print with no readily available second-hand copies (digital media is especially vulnerable to this). Maybe it's something that is unlikely to ever be re-published in an purchasable format because of some rights issue. Maybe it's an orphaned work whose publisher went under and the rights were never picked up in the aftermath. Maybe it's a foreign work that stands little to no chance of being released in your country. Maybe it's an online game whose developer shut it down. Maybe it's a title that the rights holder simply wants to bury for some reason. In any case, if the work in question is no longer readily available and the publisher either no longer exists or clearly demonstrates that they are no longer interested in making money off of the work, then I could see the point in downloading a pirated copy. And honestly, I wouldn't support even those exceptions if copyright came with a "use it or lose it" provision as well as shorter terms in general. While I buy legit copies of most of my entertainment, there have been a few works that I would like to spend money on to own a legit copy but I wasn't able to for various reasons, and may never get to enjoy unless I obtain a pirated copy.

But if it is something readily and legally available, then there's no excuse for not getting a legitimate copy. There is no valid reason for wanting to pirate, say, Infinity War or Red Dead Redemption 2 when you could easily drive up to Walmart or Target or Best Buy and buy a copy, or download or stream them from an authorized digital platform. If you pirate something that is readily available, then you clearly think you're simply entitled to free entertainment.