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Marth said:

Yeah now Switch has passed the LTD of PS4 in Japan

Next stop is the PS3 at 10.3M

Further goals:
Wii - 12.75M
GBA - 16.96M
SNES - 17.17M
PS1 - 18.85M
NES - 19.35M
PSP - 19.69M
PS2 - 21.98M
3DS - 24.5M
GB - 32.47M
DS - 32.99M

Source: GameDataLibary

Well, PS3, and possibly even the Wii with stellar sales, will probably fall this year.

After that, we probably will have to wait until 2021-22 for GBA, SNES, PS1, NES, PSP and possibly PS2 to fall to the Switch. Might leg out to overtake the 3DS in the end, though GB and DS seem too far to reach for the Switch.