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KiigelHeart said:
Hiku said:

Not that she would kill innocent people.
She had killed enemies, and traitors who refused to yield. There's a long way between that and focusing on melting innocent women and children while giving Cercei (the real enemy) time to escape. 

Foreshadowing is not the same as having a proper and satisfying conclusion.

Well I disagree, during this season and the episode she started to see all of Westeros as her enemies. She was threatened and felt betrayed by everyone, she even said she chooses fear. She was also hungry for power and wanted everyone bow down to her. She was ready to burn the place down if Cercei didn't surrender and Cercei didn't. It didn't matter to her anymore when the bells were ringing, Cercei didn't bow down but killed yet another of her friends. 

Her going straight to Cercei would not have been in line with her character anymore. Maybe a season ago before her arriving at Westeros but not anymore.

She didn't see all of Westeros as enemies. She said they don't show her the same love they show Jon, or the love the people overseas showed her.
That's very different from enemies she needs to kill. You don't kill everyone who doesn't show you love.

And Dany saved the seven kingdoms from the Whitewalkers. Why wouldn't she be loved by them?
Cercei could have combated that information, but once she is removed, that's no longer a problem. Everyone, including Jon, would have shouted from the rooftops how they couldn't have won without Dany and the sacrifices she made to fight a war that wasn't hers to begin with. Which by the way isn't true, because it would have been her problem eventually, but the show writers didn't think about that when they tried to pass that off as a plausible reasoning when Dany said that to Sansa. "I came here fighting a war that wasn't mine because I love your brother. So who really manipulated who?"
But even considering Dan & David's illogical writing, she would have been loved by the seven kingdoms. That she only has fear is nonsense.

But even disregarding that, people were already scared from what her army and dragon accomplished. Not a single civilian tried to object. Even the Lanister army whose duty it is to fight to the end, were too afraid to resist, and threw down their arms.
So no, she didn't have to do that to instill fear. And even if we ignore all that, they were still innocent civilians that she should not have wanted to kill, no matter what Cercei did.

The show writers even went out of their way to explain to us the difference between her ruthlessness towards her enemies and the Mad King, just last season.

What she did was not believable, because there should be a curve to her descent, and to the point where she becomes the ultimate extreme that targets and kills innocent people. But she went from a person that could still have been a good ruler for the people, to the exact opposite, in the span of one moment.
Even the Mad King had a reason for trying to kill the civilians. He thought that would transform him into a dragon. But at that point it had already been long established that he enjoyed hurting others, and that he was insane.
Dany, a character built up for 8 seasons, became the Mad Queen in an underdeveloped and unconvincing way.

If Sansa had stabbed all the women and children in the Bolton camp after they won the war, saying that "she just snapped" because she saw her former love behead her father, was held hostage, forced to marry the imp, handed off to the man that murdered her mother and brother, raped, tortured and betrayed, etc, is not a proper reason for why she'd go after innocent civilians, without a proper set up.

Even Anakin was built up gradually. What he did in Episode 3 was not the first time we saw him do that. And what he stood to gain from those actions in Episode 3 made sense for the character. Everyone was already scared of Dany's dragon. Choosing to become the worst monster in Westeros' history and give Cercei time to escape just so she can focus on burning more civilians does not make sense.

I can also get into how the way Varys handled the situation didn't make sense either. Or Tyrion ratting him out for committing treason, while he himself committed treason just moments later. The 3/3 perfect clean hits on Viserion that came from invisible ships that couldn't be seen from far up in the sky and arrows that bent around rocks from Scorpions manned by Hawkeye, and then nothing ever hits Drogon after that even though they fire way more arrows and he's way closer. The writers explained that by Dany "forgetting about the Iron Fleet" which is among the dumbest reasons I've ever heard. Even if Theon hadn't just remind her of them two episodes ago.
The Night King was nothing more than another mass threat of death that we had plenty of already, except he killed less important characters than Joffrey. And there clearly was more to him than that because he went to Bran personally and took his sweet time to kill him, smirked at Dany, etc. And Jaime went straight back to "you and I are all that matters."

Not much in this season makes sense, or has been a satisfactory conclusion to the character arcs we've been following for the past 8 years.
Even though one of these writers are responsible for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I still can't believe how bad the writing has been. I'm still shocked.
I already thought it was getting bad a few seasons ago, but it was forgivable at that point because there could still have been a satisfying payoff in the end.

I think Mad Queen Dany is an interesting concept that could have been handled well. But they didn't even try. Just like with the Night King. They seem more focused on "subverting expectations", and moving on as quickly as possible to Star Wars.
Supposedly HBO offered them more episodes, which makes sense given what a gigantic cash cow GOT is for them, but Dan & David wanted to wrap it up in 6 episodes. They don't care, and the Starbucks cup exemplifies this, as you're supposed to do several takes in an A-list film production like this (Actors from other high budget films have weighed in on this process). And somehow it got through not only that but the editors as well.

And I suggest you take a look at how Emilia Clarke herself reacted to how her character turned out.


It's in the first few seconds of the clip. "Best season ever" and Grayworm bursts out laughing, and Nathalie Emmanuel echos the sarcastic 'it's the best season ever'. That would never have happened a few seasons ago.
Peter Dinklage also makes fun of how stupid Tyrion became in the last few seasons. And while he only expresses it with his face in the clip, yersterday Varys' actor voiced his deep disappointment with how his character turned out. https://decider.com/2019/05/14/game-of-thrones-varys-actors-upset-ending/

The actors themselves mocking the writing like that, before it has even concluded, I can't remember if I've ever seen something like that before for something this big.
And considering how fans are reacting similarly, I'm sure we can expect even more of the actors to voice their concerns after the final episode airs.

I read the spoilers for the last episode, and I think even fans who don't care much about the writing but just want to be entertained are going to have issues with that one.

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