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TruckOSaurus said:
Hiku said:

Not that she would kill innocent people.
She had killed enemies, and traitors who refused to yield. There's a long way between that and focusing on melting innocent women and children while giving Cercei (the real enemy) time to escape. 

Yeah when the bells were ringing and there was the shot of her staring at the Red Keep, I thought for sure she was going to go straight to it to deal with Cersei and that would have been in character and in line with her previous actions but for her to take a 20 minute detour to kill thousands of civilians just doesn't make sense.

Yeah, and they could have even done something like having the Lanister army blend into the crowd, holding them hostage while threatening to blow up part of Dany's army using wildfire explosives, or a hidden Scorpion aimed at Drogon, etc.
If Dany made the decision there to take out the Lanister army + the civilians, that would have been a ruthless choice, and maybe a first step into the character she turned into here, but it would have made a lot more sense than what actually happened.

Her insistence on targeting the civilians as if they're more of an enemy than Cercei made the whole thing make even less sense.

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