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ok, for anyone else (rol is just making a fun thread)
if you need to know if someone is actually using your account to send stuff. get your email headers from the email. put them in this tool to visualize it:

to find the headers:
for google:

if you use outlook to access the mails:

if you are using something else you should be able to find it by similar method, you can google "how to show email headers"

this is an example of something i sent to myself on my gmail account (scrolled down to the headers part):

it did not get transfered over the internet, since it was from my account to myself, it does not show any information about the sender etc.

this is a legit mail:

you have the sender, the senders IP, if they succeeded some antispam-checks or not. reply addresses.. and so on..

so yeah.. if you get shit and think about paying (not in rol's case.. he just made a funny thread) please check if you are actually hacked or not.. if it shows up as this long trail of different servers etc. it did not come from your own email account, a mail that gets sent to yourself does not get 'stamped' on the internet, it just lands in your mailbox with no other info than you were both the sender & receiver.

Ok, im done..

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