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Pemalite said:
Trumpstyle said:

It's an Anonymous source... We have no idea if it holds any credibility. Sub~40 CU's seems about what I would expect with high clockspeeds though, mainstream part and all that.
"Radeon Maxwell sauce" is bullshit though. Polaris and Vega brought many Maxwell-driving-efficiency to the table anyway... Plus Maxwell is getting old, shows how many years AMD is behind in many aspects that makes nVidia GPU's so efficient for gaming.

Also there is a larger performance gap between Polaris and the 2070 than just 30%... And the jump between the RX 580 and Vega 64 is a good 45-65% depending on application... Navi with 40 CU's will likely come up short against even Vega 56 and definitely Vega 64 and the RTX 2070.

Either way, like all rumors, grain of salt and all of that, don't take it as gospel until AMD does a revealing or we can see benchmarks from legitimate outlets like Anandtech.

I like this leak though, from what I understand videocardz.com recieved it at or before march 12 way before any gonzalo leak showing a PS5 with 1,8ghz and I remember there was a leak on gfxbench showing a 20CU navi card with radeon 590 performance, it didn't make any sense at the time as the performance was just way to good and we thought the benchmark was misreading the CU's on the card, but maybe AMD has improved the CU's and clock by a lot on Navi.

You're misunderstanding the Maxwell sauce, it means better perf/teraflops and perf/mm2 gcn hasn't received this yet, its actually gone the opposite way where Vega decreased perf/mm2. But yes I think a 40CU's should land a bit below geforce 2060.

eva01beserk said:
For thouse claiming an 8.3tf ps5. Let me just ask you, would you even consider buying a next gen conso that is 33% jump from previous gen for $400?

I'm unsure if you mean me, but I will buy PS5 on first day or close to that. I have a ps4 pro so PS5 is a much bigger jump than 33%. The people who owns a Xbox one X is a small group of people probably maybe about 2% of total console owners, even those owners will have no choice but to get the PS5 as I suspect that Sony will have improved game versions of all theirs exclusive games giving them 4k/60fps. Giving them a big advantage against Microsoft.

You simply need to realize Moores law is DEAD and the jump from 16nm to 7nm is smaller than 28nm to 16nm, we actually a bit lucky that Sony/Microsoft even manage to double the flop numbers if I'm correct.

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