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TranceformerFX said:
deskpro2k3 said:

You said the story is perfect just how it is, so I gave you a source from SE themselves that prove they want to implement more content that didn't make the original cut, and now you're throwing a tantrum about the file size. I can answer your latest question but I think you'll just find another excuse, so I think we're done here because whatever this is, isn't going anywhere.

Yes I said the story is perfect.

Yes, I read Kitase's statement regarding "content" that didn't make it into the original game.

I'm trying to tell you that statement is a lie. That's why I said it's bullshit.

I'm not throwing a tantrum, and the point I was trying to make in regards to file size clearly flew over your head, or you didn't know that Kitase's statement that you stand by was him defending/trying to explain the logic and reasoning behind the multiple installments release plan, as opposed to one full game. That was his excuse. My rebuttal, as is everyones, is that if that were REALLY the case - all you'd need to do is release the file size on multiple discs like Squaresoft had done in the past. Red Dead 2 is a prime example because the file size for their ambitions exceeded what one Blu-ray disc could hold. So what did they do? They put it on two... 

That's why I said that Kitase's statement is carefully worded bullshit. Red Dead 2 is absurdly massive with content and I highly doubt an honest, true to form remake of FF7 PLUS whatever content Kitase is eluding to - would be bigger than something like Red Dead 2.

Even in the 90's, Kitase's reasoning would be ridiculous. Problem is that WAY too many people are taking his words at face value without thinking about what he actually said.

In a nutshell: the only reason they're doing multiple installments is because they're milking consumers - not because they're vision of a modern FF7 is "too big". Kitase oughta be laughed out of town...

No it didn't flew over my head, I just don't respond to arguments with no supporting evidence. If you can show me where he is lying I'll take it all back.

Red Dead Redemption 2 required 8 years to develop, so If SE do as you suggest it might take as long as FFXV did, and long development cycle is something SE said they don't want to repeat again. However I think as FF7R being a bigger project, with a big budget, and a large development team, I think it's going to be a lot bigger than RDR2, because the world map is pretty much planet size.

Take this for example.

FFXIII 2009, FFXIII-2 2011, Lightning Returns FFXIII 2013. 3 parts, all released within 4 years. Now I'm speculating here, I think we can expect to see a similar pattern with FFVIIR, the thing is we don't know how much more content they're going to add.

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