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Marth said:
I just realized that overall Euron Greyjoy did more damage to Dany than the Night King and the army of the undead.

And I just realized that Samwell Tarly killed more people than the Golden Company...

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
They ruined Jamie, Cercei and Danny in a single episode, the snap was fucking stupid, why not go straight to Cercei and blew that shit out . But is completely stupid Danny would murder the intire fucking city , makes no fucking sense . The worst moment i ever seen on a séries. She won and made decision to murder everyone makes no sense. Mad is not completely retarded.

Lord have Mercy on star wars with these two idiots now

The icing on the cake was that Dany spent more time going after innocent civilians than she did going after Cercei. Allowing Cercei time to escape, just so Dany could slaughter more innocent people.

And Cercei could very well have escaped and survive, if not for collapsing rocks.