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And just like that, Avalanche Studio's Apex engine made the jump!  

AMD cards are doing very well in RAGE 2, better than their NVIDIA counterparts. For example, the Radeon VII is usually around 10% behind the GeForce RTX 2080, but in RAGE 2, it matches it almost exactly. The same is happening with Vega 64, which is usually 20% behind the RTX 2070, yet manages to trade blows with it in RAGE 2. For the lower end, the picture is similar: we'd expect the RX 590 to be a few percentage points behind the GTX 1660, but here, it delivers almost the same performance.

Not too long ago when they released Just Cause 4, AMD was significantly trailing behind Nvidia but with Avalanche's first release on Vulkan the tables are turning ... 

Only a couple of key engines left are holding out from this trend ...