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Games I don't bother as you need specific hardware to play them. Plus I like playing those games on the hardware they made for,

My biggest issue is taking up space. VHS, DVD and now BluRays all take up a lot of space. Then you got 4K HD then soon 8K HD. I honestly got sick of buying discs everytime a change happens and the need to upgrade the player to play it potentially. Hell you can't even get rid of the VHS as a lot of R rated movies have been watered down for DVD and BluRay compared to their original release

Movies / TV Shows I wish they started doing proper digital distribution. I don't want monthly streaming services that fight over a few exclusives, I don't want my movies tied to a platform that may or may not go bankrupt after purchasing a digital copy (had that happen with a few blu ray digital copies already). I don't wan't movies that download in itunes or another software that has DRM. Region locking o BluRays is also a joke.

All i want is for them to release mp4 or mkvs with freedom for me to put it on a memory stick, my own hdd, or my phone and take it where I want to watch it either on holidays or at home. It also reduce the physical space needed to store this stuff. I would pay for that convenience.

Hell for the environmentalists it even saves the need to make plastic boxes lol.