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The last time? How Square Enix managed to recreate the good old 16bit RPG charme with Octopath Traveler to the T.

A Mario title, which doesn't try to look realistic, gets a free pass about such inconsistencies, but when it tries to be realistic, my mind treats them like that in every way, too. And that makes most AAA games fail miserably. Most games which try to get a realistic look fall right into the uncanny valley for me and look more repulsing than anything else for me. It also makes me spot logical/physical inconsistencies way faster than normal.

Hence why HZD for instance was absolutely unappealing to me the moment I saw a trailer. Humanity devolved back basically to cavemen, but use high-tech, very high-maintenance bows with specially engineered strings, which rot after a handful of years under ideal conditions? And hunt dinosaur-like robots, which survived all that time without any maintenance? Way too unrealistic for my mind, next!

I have the same problem with some movie tropes, like their explosions. I know that's not how they really would work, and it kills my suspension of disbelief for a moment.