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AbbathTheGrim said:
zero129 said:
Who said its Sony Exclusive?, This game will come to PC.

I recall reading something about this game coming to PC but after the trailer I looked for an updated confirmation but I found nothing.

Do you have any links where Square confirms a PC version is still in development?

No new links just common sense + the fact SE has now released every FF game on PC.

ha this reminds me of the good old days when people used to say that FFvsXIII wouldnt end up on anything but PS3, and i used to say just you wait and see it will be renamed FF15 and be multi plat.

and even after SE pretty much released the whole FF series on PC people where still like "It will never get the newer FF games such as FF15". When i pointed out how it would be stupid of them not to port FF15 to steam after releasing the rest of the series on it, people where like "Where is the proof?", "did SE Confirm FF15 is going to come to steam?, last i heard was tabata said he would like it on PC but nothing confirmed" and "Well even if they do port it it will take years, look how long it took for FF13 to reach steam" and i said the same thing then im saying now, Common sense is the conformation.

I expect this to be the same as FF15, concentrate on the PS4 version first once thats released a year later, Maybe sooner this time FF7remake will be on pc.