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Fei-Hung said:
Love the video game. Bought the nightmare edition and it is the best collectors edition I've ever owned. I don't know how boardgame pricing works, but Holy shit it's expensive. If you go for the full set, it's even more expensive. I thought £50-60 would set me up for everything.

Pricing of board games vs. video games is indeed a different beast.  I cannot speak for the UK, but it's typical here in the states to find specialized board games in locations such as Barnes & Nobles and table top gaming store upwards of $150 for a core set.  I don't know of all the economics of the development and manufacturing of these games. But I do know that it's harder to physically mass produce a variety of specialized items for a specific produce that caters to a niche market at a low price.  Part of the attraction for me is that seeing the "artist rendition" if a virtual character/object in a tangible form in "real-life."  And then outside of the cost itself is the physical interaction with friends around the table.

Games Workshop is stationed in UK.  You might have heard of the Warhammer franchise.  Not the best example to point to, but if you ever come across their products, you'll see that these specialized board games and table top games are a hobby in and of itself and could run you a small fortune in the long run.

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