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Xxain said:

No I'm not, because I already know its not a fact. I would like to know from you, why you would think they they skimp out elements of story when they have told us that FF7R will will "expand" on everything from the original game. We know: Biggs, Wedge and Jesse will be getting way more character development, Midgar will be waay more explorable, we can already see Sephiroth fuckin with Cloud as early as a the first reactor; waaaay sooner than the original. We know the game was split because of the amount of content being added (+ milking)

What is your justification/mindset for the oposite happening?

@The bolded I already wrote that in the same post you are quoting.

New content doesn't imply everything from the original will remain. No one can state for a fact that everything we care from the original game will be there as no one can state for a fact that it won't.

I fear that the small details we care about won't be there because I care about them and I don't know, I fear people who have the power to say what goes into something, in this case a remake, and decide that something is not necessary or should be there.

Square said there was more FFXV DLC coming and yet they cancelled it. It is wise not to take Square's or any company's word as a fact. I will wait and see.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: