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RingoGaSuki said:
konnichiwa said:

Game probably but their is also something going on with COMG. The average ratio that some like to use 1 point 1k sales is probably way wider by now.

COMG has been very PS-leaning for a long time now, it's numbers on Switch games aren't a reliable of the wider demand at all.

Very much untrue. Compare the actual sales of Days Gone and Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (Switch version) with their COMG points for instance.

The audience that a game is targeting is what matters more than the platform. A game that targets the otaku audience (as SAO does) is much more likely to be overestimated and a game that targets the casual audience (like the Yokai Watch series) is much more likely to be underestimated.

The reason that it can be perceived to be PS-leaning is because PlayStation has a lot more games aimed at otaku on it and the Switch has a lot more games aimed at a casual audience on it.