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Ganoncrotch said:
zero129 said:

So your ok with pirating PC games but not switch games?. Also Steam wont remember your CC details unless you tell it too, same with PSN and id imagine the switch online store?.

When the next models of Switch come I'll get myself the pro model, move my account and library to that and use my original model (and the 256GB micro SD I used before upgrading to the 400GB one I currently use) for homebrew / piracy, I wouldn't risk my Nintendo account with hacking.

I pirate some PC games I buy others, my steam library is populated with games I love and play with friends, much like how my battle net account has my wow account of more than 2 years.... of play time and overwatch. I've no issue with paying for games on the PC where I want to I've said this in the post you quoted.

Cuphead on PC I pirated because I had a feeling that the dev's would put it somewhere I would buy it and I didn't feel it was double dip worthy but was definitely willing to pay for it once! Which I have now done. Something like street fighter 4 on the other hand.... that's a game I've bought a nearly insane number of times... paid full price for that probably... 14 times, if it was to come to the Switch that would be 15 as a pre order without a second thought, it could be 15 now if I'm missing a version but I think it's 14! 2 of those are on the PC if you're wondering! the original Street Fighter 4 from games for windows live and Ultra Street Fighter 4 sits in my steam library!

The part that made me think you didnt buy pc games is the "I dont want steam to keep my CC details", so the post kinda confused me to be honest.