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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online on the PS4 Pro. Jeeeesus Christ. How is this level of technical ineptitude even possible? It uses Unreal Engine 4. I can't even.....This game should run at 60fps on the vanilla PS4, let alone the Pro. I'm very. Fucking. Surprised. I love Nep-Nep but this game tests that love. It still passes. Because that's what love is. But the testing. It has a close to 4 MINUTE boot up sequence. I feel like I'm starting an awful PS1 game every time I begin....but that's not surprising graphics. The frame rate in this game fluctuates wildly. With no logical reason. The overall visual presentation is VERY SURPRISING. It even has "PS4 Pro Enhanced" on the box, which is now just as meaningless as the old "Official Nintendo Seal Of Quality" from the NES days. Still mostly enjoying it though.....

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