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TranceformerFX said:

99% of gamers don't realize that buying a video game that you enjoy helps the developers/publishers who used time & resources to make that game. People with families to feed and jobs to keep made that game. Try inventing something that costs tens of millions of dollars to create, then see how you like it when someone pirates your shit. 

And get outta here with your cherry picked example of one dude and one paragraph. Does he speak for the entire games industry? Or better yet, the entire entertainment industry that's also affected by piracy

I didn't think so...

No one speaks for the entire industry of anything.

It's a cherry picked example, but it's not the only one even on this thread, as I've already said I wouldn't mind piracy if it meant more people enjoying my music (which is not applicable to the current state of my work, by the way). If you think game developers can't sustain their work or their families because a few random people are downloading the game for free, I think you greatly overestimate the impact of piracy... be real here, how many of those pirates would actually buy the game if there was no other way to play it? Very few, I think. The income would be irrelevant compared to the word of mouth you get otherwise.

Again using the 3rd world example here, gaming as a whole really started to blossom here during the PS1 and PS2 days, consoles that were very piracy-"friendly". They thrived exactly because everyone, kids and teens from that generation, could easily afford any games and as a result, that generation was exposed to a ridiculously large variety of content. Nowadays? Maybe gaming isn't quite as popular as during those days, but it sure is a big thing and there are loads and loads of people who buy everything they play - the same people who were playing games ilegally as kids a decade or two ago. When I was younger, there was no such thing as an actual, official, licensed videogame. No one had that. It was a whole generation born of piracy, that for the most part, grew out of it. Money lost during the piracy years? No, money being won now, because without piracy, the gaming market here would've remained niche.