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TranceformerFX said:
The Law, Developers, Publishers, Advertisers, Retailers and the economy don't agree with you.

The developer of Minecraft back in 2011/2012 was perfectly fine with it


"Piracy is not theft," he said. "If you steal a car, the original is lost. If you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world. There is no such thing as a 'lost sale'. Is a bad review a lost sale? What about a missed ship date?"

I mean... what would he know about economics, it's not like he is a billionaire now.... oh wait.

Personally I pirated MC on the pc originally, then bought it for the PS3/Vita, upgraded that version for the ps4 and I got the Switch version of it as well later on. Piracy showed me that game was good and the devs feelings regarding piracy made me feel happy to chuck him the price of the game a few times down the line.

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