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NightlyPoe said:
forest-spirit said:

Pointing out that Ben Shapiro himself has contributed to this problem is not undercutting the message, and it would be terrible journalism to ignore those examples. If Ben Sharpiro looks bad here he himself and the way he handled the interview is to blame.

I too dislike "x got DESTROYED" headlines, which is part of why I posted the original interview and not one of the reaction videos.

However, in this case Ben Shapiro has owned up to his own misbehavior.  If this were an interview interested in moving the ball forward, they'd follow along the lines of trying to live up to his message.  That's how dialogue happens.

Instead it was just another gotcha quote following it up.  Honestly, the prep work for the interview probably just came from a dumping ground of quotes compiled by Media Matters or something.

I just listened to this interview and no Ben did not own up to his misbehavior.  The thing is when you say and do dumb crap in the past, you have to be ready to admit it and move on.  Instead every response was this arrogant "Even when I say dumb stuff I am still right" kind of mentality.  He didn't want to answer the question and instead just became argumentative. 

So Ben wrote a book about a problem he himself championed during the years and he couldn't be even a bit humble enough to suggest that maybe how he went about such things was wrong and he has moved on.  If anything by watching how he handled himself during the interview, I would say nothing has changed with Ben as he continued to try to defend some of those old quotes even when he knew they were bad.