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For me, it's the matters of prices. Physical prices are always problematic, i started to buy any console pirated games from 1994 through 2010 and then i downloaded pirated Wii games and homebrew emulations for my Wii as well as DS just at leaaast 3 years later then started to buy legitimate old school games. I was really young boy back then and i couldn't ask my dad to buy me original games cause he would upset(demonically wrath) & think all electronic retailers are rip-off.

Reason? Because games were overpriced, they were like for 80~90 USD from authorized resellers any platform, don't expect N64 cartridges are more expensive than CD-Formart consoles, oh no no no... they were equally priced like this "PS1 games & N64 games = 80 USD" lmao while or compare to pirated games i used to buy were cheaper something might be between 10~25 USD depends how much they want

Note: I'm not from United States. I converted from KWD to USD.

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