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Like many, I would have pirated games when I was younger. Mainly because of the lack of funds but also living in a small town, I couldn't just go buy stuff. Now that we have digital distribution, and I'm an adult with disposable income, I haven't actually pirated* a game since before I made my first purchase on Steam.

My views on piracy depend on the situation:

1. If you pirate a game that you do not own and have no intention of owning, then you are in the wrong, both legally and morally. You're using a product that you did not pay for. The artist got no money from you experiencing the product.

2. You "pirate" something that you already own. This is often in the case of emulation (I own an NES cart but have no means to dump the game, or I own a Wii U game but can't rip the disc, etc.), but is also the case for books. I often buy a hardcover book and then go find an EPUB book to upload to my Google Books account so I can continue reading in bed in the dark on my phone, or if I'm standing on the bus, or any number of situations where a giant heavy book doesn't work so well. In all these cases, I already gave the content creator my money, so while legally, I'm sure I've broken the law, but morally, I sleep well at night knowing I've paid for the content I'm consuming.