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Sadly, I bought quite a bit of pirated stuff back in my wayyy younger years (early teens). Mainly because I lived in an area where original games were practically nonexistent and the cost of the games were not something a kid my age could afford. I'm not proud of it. I buy 100% original now and don't ever touch anything pirated (be it movies, songs or games). Thinking back, I probably would have dropped the gaming hobby decades ago had I not ever been exposed to the games via piracy. Spent tens of thousands of dollars into the industry since then (consoles, rigs, gaming laptops and peripherals on top of the games themselves) now that I have a well paying job and solid income.

Not defending piracy, but in my case I believe it allowed me to get into the hobby and nurtured me into a solid consumer for the industry. I'm wondering how many ppl actually more or less have the same story as me.