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o_O.Q said:

"I don't believe that "incompatible cultures" exist.  People are individuals, and they tend to morph into the dominant culture.  "

this is a non-sequitur, people being individuals and adopting a new culture is unrelated to cultures in some instances being incompatible

you aren't acknowledging that sometimes people choose to retain their culture in spite of their environment

and you don't think cultures that for example repress the freedoms of women or collect the heads of outsiders they come into contact with are incompatible with western culture?

>repress the freedoms of women

There are Americans who want the exact thing.  So no that doesn't seem to be at odds with western culture.

>collect the heads of outsiders

If such a culture existed, sure.  That would be incompatible, but if someone had such a staunch hatred of outsiders, chances don't seem too good that they'd move somewhere else.  

o_O.Q said:

""Spending more" is meaningless.  "

well the only other way would be to stop your government from intruding in the affairs of others and how are you going to do that when you want the size of your government to increase?

never mind that with regards to that issue the ship has already sailed

My commentary there has no regard to "big" or "small" government.  

o_O.Q said:

"I don't disagree, but that's not just a product of "big government"."

it is inevitable with big government that has a security apparatus that is not transparent and unaccountable to citizens which has been the case with just about every big government throughout the history of mankind and for some unfathomable reason many people do not seem to understand that

"It is inevitable" is a slippery slope fallacy.  Just because there's a path from A to B, doesn't mean that it has to be taken.  

"security apparatus" is moreso something that "small government" people push forward.  And I agree with you that "small government" people aren't actually for small government.  But I find that to be a majority.

Most "small government" people here want a big government because they want it to keep them safe.  A militarized border, a large military, strong police force are things being pushed by "small government" advocates.  

You can have a big government that has to be accountable to its people.

o_O.Q said:

"But if someone were at the point where they are choosing to die"

so if there is a risk of death the borders should be open?