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Pemalite said:
pokoko said:

I don't believe that people have zero responsibility for themselves.

I work in the emergency services. - PTSD is not something an individual can take "responsibility for". - You don't know if you will get PTSD until you actually have it... And by the time you have it, you cannot take responsibility for anything as you are NOT in the right frame of mind.

If a company/business/organization is exposing individuals to content which may have the potential negative effects either in the short or long term, then they should have the support in place to assist said exposed individuals when the time comes, it's as simple as that... And that should remain true regardless of the field you work in... PTSD is not something you should eve take lightly.

DonFerrari said:
And sorry to burst the discussion, but yes Military don't enlist expecting PTSD but they know that is a possible occurrence and mainly they know they are likely to enter battle and kill or die. Same way when you enter a company that makes Mortal Kombat that since the 1st game were about gore and violence you have to expect to be exposed to it.

In saying that... You join the Military knowing/hoping that the support exists in the event you may get PTSD.

Video games is a relatively new field though, so the support for workers being exposed to questionable content simply doesn't exist yet... Where-as the Military has had centuries to build the appropriate frameworks to support it's workers, same with other fields.

Yes on the part of the company establishing a support or treatment program should be something the HR is doing for some time already.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
What in the actual fuck AM i reading in this thread, One thing is lookking at a Goofy as fuck unrealisyic death scene in mortal Kombat, other is having to watch real murder, real gore for hours and days and months. Doubt when hiring they didnt out out the " you have to watch people getting murdered all day to make games Here" . Imagine moving from the other SIDE of the country to work There and ending up doing this all day, There is not too many big studios like netherealm across country and all close to each other, There is a lot of factors when quitting jobs depending of the type of the job. People act like its easy finding jobs and they can Change with a finger snap. Wake up to reality ffs

Do you have evidence that the company either didn't tell they would have to do research of real life gore material to create on the game or mandate that the employees see these videos almost all day long? Or as several people here are speculating the people themselves choose to watch those videos to be inspired?

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