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Nuvendil said:
curl-6 said:

Just a day (or two if it releases on US time) until Redout arrives on Switch. At one point this was one of my most anticipated games, (I've been craving some anti-grav action and already played FAST to death on Wii U) but now that it's almost here I find myself feeling quite wary; games with troubled development cycles don't always turn out to be the most technically polished. 

Hopefully DF cover it, and if its a good port I may pick it up.

I will forewarn you that 60fps is highly unlikely.  The game is 30fps on Xbone.  Hopefully it is at least locked 30fps.  I'm not holding my breath though, given they canceled the physical release...

Yeah i saw DF's report, I know it'll be 30fps at best on Switch. I just hope it doesn't have drops below that and a shitty resolution.