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eva01beserk said:
Leakers keep saying that is a lock that the ps5 will be $500. Makes the 56 commute unit more realistic. If the ps5 is $500 and anaconda is supost to be better. How much more could it be. If it was $600 i think it might price itself out the market. Specially since i doubt the benefits that $100 could make on that higher braket.

Which if the Gonzalo is the PS5s chip, that means 12.9 Tflops, according to DF.  I highly doubt MS is going to top that, as I thought a rumor for the Anaconda was 12 Tflops. Even if they do, I doubt it will be by even 1 whole Tflop.  Xbox is going to have a tough time if it can't tout being vastly more powerful.