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Ganoncrotch said:
curl-6 said:

Yeah it looks like one of the worst ports to Switch so far.

Avoid this one folks.

There was meant to be a day 1 patch.... now it's been put off until "next week" which could be tomorrow, or it could be 8 days from now, but fuck them if the game isn't ready to launch then don't launch it, the way this product is now it's damn near unplayable with softlocks in the menu at times costing progress and just generally sub last gen performance. It takes around 5 minutes of play to see this game has something the matter with it, 1 Q/A session would have said this isn't ready to release.

Fuck them.

edit - watching the video at 2:20 ish really highlights an issue far worse than the frame rate, watch the attempts to aim... the controls are just completely unresponsive , you hold the right stick for a half a second before it moves then it completely overshoots where you want to aim, just seriously watch them try to shoot people, once the frame rate goes below 30 (always in action) it's just impossible.

I reckon it might be worth making an actual thread about this so more people are aware of its issues and don't buy it and regret it.