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First of all please let me say that I owe an apology to all who are interested in what I'm about to say because there is less than three days left to jump on Bloodborne: The Board Game Kickstarter.  I meant to mention this earlier, but it's been hard carving out time for certain extracurricular activities.

So if you're a true Bloodborne fan or if you are a sucker for a fantasy/sci fi board game equipped with fine detailed miniatures and interchangeable board tiles, I would seriously advise you to jump on this Kickstarter project.

This Kickstarter project requires a goal of $200,000, and the initial investment for the core set is $100.  Now that funding has exceeded $3,300,000, stretch goal after stretch goal has been met that makes the initial investment a bargain from a fantasy boardgame standpoint.  Then, you have your optional buys which you can considered them as expansion packs.  All of the optional buys and a good many of the stretch goals are Kickstarter exclusives.  You can also download the work-in-progress rule book to give you a fair idea on the game mechanics.

This will be the first project I have ever supported on Kickstarter, and I'm going all in on this one.  So far it's going to cost me $350 for all current game content not counting any shipping cost. Also, it should be May 2020 when items are to be received.

I'd seriously consider this one with just a few days left.

See below for a "few" images of the core set, stretch goals & optional buys.

For all the goods, go to this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/bloodborne-the-board-game


ALL stretch goals have been meet!  Ultimately, over $4,000,000 was pledge with nearly 24,000 backers.  This game was already a go to begin with, but having everything unlocked for backers made this an even better deal.  But there is a late pledge option, and I'm not sure how long this will be available.  But if you were on the fence about this Kickstarter and though you missed out, you better jump on this while there still is a window open. 

Images updated.

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