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Pinkie_pie said:
PAOerfulone said:


Did you already forget about Game 5 when he (and Klay) took over after Durant went down? Or Game 1 of the 1st Round? 
He's been doing this his entire career.

Yes, Klay was nuclear in the first half. He seems to have a soft spot for "Game 6."

Its a good game from curry. He went missing in the 1st half and klay had to carry the load. Curry had some easy FT at the end. I said consistently like how durant and kawhi are doing. Funny how i dont see you go crazy about durant and kawhi when they are playing much better and consistently than curry

I'm willing to give you Kawhi, but it's easy for Durant to be able to go off and play at the level he's been playing because he's got two of the greatest shooters of all time and one the best backcourts in the history of the game on his team and the Clippers' & Rockets' defensive gameplans have been focused primarily around them. Opposing teams would rather have Durant go off then the Splash Bros.

In the 4th quarter last night, the Rockets kept doubling Steph as soon as he crossed half-court. That's the kind of effect he has on the game. It's not too hard for a 7'0" scoring machine to average 35 a game when the defense is stretched so far out to keep those two guys (two of the greatest shooters in history) in check, pretty much leaving Durant in a very favorable 1 on 1 match up where he can just shoot over the top of his defender from mid-range for easy points or take it to the basket, get fouled, and go to the line. Thank the Splash Bros. for that. It's pretty much expected. It would grab my attention and make me raise an eyebrow if Durant WASN'T putting up those kinds of numbers he was before he got hurt.  

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