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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:
And sorry to burst the discussion, but yes Military don't enlist expecting PTSD but they know that is a possible occurrence and mainly they know they are likely to enter battle and kill or die. Same way when you enter a company that makes Mortal Kombat that since the 1st game were about gore and violence you have to expect to be exposed to it.

In saying that... You join the Military knowing/hoping that the support exists in the event you may get PTSD.

Video games is a relatively new field though, so the support for workers being exposed to questionable content simply doesn't exist yet... Where-as the Military has had centuries to build the appropriate frameworks to support it's workers, same with other fields.

What would this support be for exactly? Help people who've seen violent media?

I mean graphic violent entertainment or media in general has existed for a fairly long time. If you're the type of person that's really affected by these types of images, the solution is simply don't expose yourself to it.

I mean I really hate looking at shit and vomit. So I just avoided being a janitor. But I could do that job and accuse my employer of doing horrible things, like cleaning up shit and vomit.

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