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KLAMarine said:
TranceformerFX said:

Nothing. I hate how Japan thinks all black people sound like that. As much as I hate Kotaku and their left wing pandering, they were on point this time and concluded as much as well.


I think it's more a case of Barrett being a bulkier character hence he has a rougher voice. And is Japan really in charge of hiring the English voice actors?

That's an excellent question. I'd imagine that they outsource it to a casting agency, and Square Enix looks at the final product when it's completed. I don't "think" SE does motion capture with their voice acting like Naughty Dog and other studios, they just wipe the Japanese dialogue that was already recorded and the localization department who's in charge of English dialogue does the rest.

That'd be a good thing to Google.

If it is done by a separate studio that's located in the states, then Barrets stereotypical voice is even more shameful. That's just me though, I realize everyone isn't unhappy with his voice.

Regardless, SE's HQ in Japan undoubtedly looks and officially approves of the final results of the English localization.

If Square Enix aren't the ones responsible for the final product of the English voice over, then I'll be at a loss for words... 

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