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Ka-pi96 said:

Sorry Talon, but that subscribe change is a really bad news. Pretty stupid that I can't add a thread to my subscribed topics just because I started it and some people might point farm. I've already got some threads that I've started in my subscribed topics and it's really useful having them there so it's annoying not to ever be able to add any more.

That was another announcement I missed. Not a good justification to prevent users from subscribing to their own threads when a subscription will add a one-time gain of only 3 points.

Talon wasn't around during the actual point farming days. People created highly controversial threads to collect the points from people posting in their threads and point farmers weren't looking for 3 points, but rather 300 or more.

But it's good to know that Agrees net 2 points. I'll be rich in no time considering how common Agrees are for my posts. If my profile levels up, I'll get a badge that comes with a couple of thousand vg$ which will be used for my next ban fines.

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