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RolStoppable said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Even if it's not generalising it's definitely sexism so I don't think the moderation is unfair.

Plus to me at least Pemalite seems like one of, if not the, least biased mods on the team so...

It's sexism, alright. But I think this highlights a consistent problem that VGC moderation has had for a long time and why females don't want to post much, if they even sign up at all.

You just need to give the thread dark_lord posted in a read. You'll find that the OP (Metroid33slayer) has written several posts that are sexist and misogynist beyond doubt, but the one post that got picked out for moderation targets men.

I dunno, claiming that women need to be "controlled" is pretty misogynist as well.

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